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pantsu staffu
[staff of sub_is_message]


Anyway move along people there's nothing for you to see here, go watch sub_is_message for updates about projects and what we plan to do. This comm is for pantsu_staffu only.

Head moderator: endless_street
Sub moderator: hikaruchi
Co moderators: konzatsu and shabzilla

Translators: bluntedge, arashiangel, nightflight
Timer & Typesetter: hikaruchi
Typesetter Trainee: faint_sketch
Editor: endless_street
Encoder: konzatsu

Spirit and Official Uploader: tierasa
Guy of Awesome: the_0live

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8[], :[], ;[], adhd ryuichi, b.b, bartending in motorcycle helmets, blow-chan, bondage pants, boom, bowling for cake, breakdancing battles, bunny!keita, bureiku dansu, cherry hot, cherry punk, chiba ryohei, chibi!w-inds., cowboy!w-inds., crack, damnit-ryuichi-doesn't-lick-the-camera, dee-de-deeeeee, drama queen!keita, electrical tape and glitter, engrish, fingering shirt hems, flailing!keita, flirting in car backseats, fweeeeeeee pink couch, girl perm, girly pink cock ...tails, gold lamé garbage bags, gratuitous crotch grabbing, growing-up to be mens, hyper!ryuichi, icecube down ryuichi's shirt, k-e-i taaa?!!, karu, keiryo, keiryu, keiryu-guitar-and-keita's-air-guitar, keiryuryo, keita being a princess, keita is a camwhore, keita tachibana, keita's boxy grin, keita's legs, keita's magic tricks, keita's manboobs, keita's shiny nails, keita's tongue, keita's-never-changing-solo-dance, keita-stealing-ryohei's-toast, kiwi fruit, making yourself dizzy, mi-chan, multi-coloured clouds, muscles and butterfly shirts, my boom!!!, not eggplant, nunchakus vs. sword, ogata ryuichi, omelette rice, orange patch of d00m, pantsaholics anonymous, passion and fruit mango, pimp hats, pimp jacket, pink streaked ryohei, pink suits, pinstriped ryuichi, power of threeside, pr0n, protein candy, psychos with knives, puppies, r-y-o hey, r-y-u one, rasa, red hot chili jalapenos, red hot chili jalapeños, red streaked keita, ryo and ryu, ryo and ryu dork-butterflies, ryohei chiba, ryohei defying gravity, ryohei defying time, ryohei is a camthief, ryohei is korea, ryohei stealing ryuichi's pudding, ryohei wearing ryuichi's pants, ryohei's crazy flexibility, ryohei's fountain of youth, ryohei's hips, ryohei's immune system, ryohei's lips, ryohei's potato, ryoryu, ryuichi as pocahontas, ryuichi backflipping, ryuichi being a 'queen', ryuichi enjoys eating bugs, ryuichi fails at soccer, ryuichi fishing, ryuichi in a skirt, ryuichi is a camwhore, ryuichi ogata, ryuichi's bwacock, ryuichi's cooking, ryuichi's engrish swearing, ryuichi's fang, ryuichi's flexibility, ryuichi's mad facial expressions, ryuichi's nailpolish, ryuichi's pants, ryuichi's pretty hair, ryuichi's yellow bow, ryuichi's-blue-plaid-undies, ryuichi-sliding-down-bannister, ryuryo, sex for your love, shabz, shiny pants, sing-a-long!ryuichi, sub is message, sup wassup!!, tabris, tachibana keita, tachibanana, teasing ryuichi, tickle fights, tj, twiggy, vampire!ryuichi, w-inds., w-inds. being dorks, w-inds. can fly, w-inds. imitate seishun amigo, w-inds. in karate outfits, w-inds. use macs, w-inds.!manicures, wannabe jrocker!ryuichi, waterguns, wentz vs ryohei, what's your boom?, whispered-promises-of-orgies-later, wiggly!ryuichi, yuuuuuuuuuzu, オムライス